On January 28, TestGene received the main award in the "Entrepreneur of the year" contest.

"Entrepreneur of the year" is an annual regional contest for entrepreneurs of the Ulyanovsk region. It was first held in 2013.

Dozens of applications were selected for participation in the contest. Every year the winners are chosen by a contest committee that evaluates the economic and budgetary efficiency of enterprises, the social responsibility of business and other criteria. Working conditions, growth in production volumes, growth in staff salaries, the absence of debts of the company, an innovative approach, prospects for the development of the enterprise and, of course, customer reviews are taken into account to determine the winners.

The best entrepreneurs in 2021 were selected in 10 fields:
• Information technology
• Industrial production
• Construction
• Healthcare
• Sports
• Marketing
• Advertising and PR
• Transport services
• Agriculture

Besides these fields, the organizers have chosen the best business project in the social sphere and also the winners in other categories, including "Business start of the year" and "Family business".
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