The TestGene company has received a Registration certificate for the “COV-2-COLOR-TEST” kit for diagnostics of the SARS-COV-2 coronavirus infection by loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP).

The LAMP technology is similar to common PCR-based methods but the amplification proceeds at a constant temperature, which allows to use any amplifiers and thermostats.

LAMP with colorimetric detection makes it possible to interpret the result with the unaided eye: during amplification, the indicators of the reaction mix change color in case the reaction is completed.

For diagnostics of COVID-19, it is important to choose a test system that quickly detects all the known strains, is simple and easy to use and has a high level of sensitivity and specificity. The new “COV-2-COLOR-TEST” kit allows for detection of coronavirus in clinical samples within 25 minutes from the moment of collecting material and the result is highly accurate. The laboratory production capacity increases, it becomes possible to perform the assay without expensive equipment, in the field and in remote areas.

“COV-2-COLOR-TEST” allows to perform the assay without the stage of nucleic acid isolation. The material for the assay is an oropharyngeal / nasopharyngeal swab, the transport medium for which is saline solution.
The kit is compatible with all open-type amplifiers and thermostats.

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