Ruslan Titov, director of the Department for Nanotechnology Centers in the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs (RUSNANO) noted a high dynamics of development of ULNANOTECH.

April 4 during working trip of the Volga Federal District Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visits the regional NanoCenter. Also the head of RUSNANO corporation including Anatoly Chubais (CEO), and Ruslan Titov, Director of the Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, have attended the event.

The Director of the department also pointed out that the Ulyanovsk NanoCenter has already achieved an international level: "Some things can be noticeable at the regional level - we are talking about nanotechnology in construction. The products of ULNANOTECH residents are tested and used in the construction complex of the Ulyanovsk region. And some things are already noticeable at the country level, for example, TestGene with its DNA diagnostics is now one of the reference points of the federal network services.So, it is one of core reference points, we are considering to achieve not only at the regional or national level, but also at the international level: this year ULNANOTECH has started realization of a global scale project in partnership with Intermolecular, Inc. (USA). The customers of this technological platform are the world's largest manufacturers of glass, glass coatings, photovoltaics, electronics. The development trend data of Russian Nanocenters, mostly created by ULNANOTECH, is obviously very high. ULNANOTECH was opened a little more than half a year, but the results achieved by the team are really impressive: there are about 30 companies on the active stage of development. And the guys probably have the same amount of projects in their backlog", - said Ruslan Titov.


Source: Government of Ulyanovsk region


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